People were created to live in a garden. Life isn’t as easy as it was in Eden, but with careful planning (and, yes, some necessary weeding) landscapes today can still offer an inviting welcome or a quiet place to rest. Good landscapes provide extra living space where you can enjoy time with your family and friends


Low garden walls and patios are central components of many landscapes, providing year-round structure and interest. Our hardscapes improve the stability and usability of your outdoor living spaces. (If you have an especially big project in mind, we should mention - currently, we’re not insured to build large load bearing walls… maybe someday. We can help you find someone for that part of the project.)

Tree Work

As the largest and longest living plants in your landscape, your trees merit extra care and attention. Whether you’re searching for a specimen to add to your collection or preparing to retire an aged giant, we can help. Equipped for both pruning and removals, our team is eager to keep your trees healthy and safe. We carry the licensing and insurance required for tree pruning in Manhattan, KS.

About Us

Done Right LLC offers landscape solutions in the Manhattan, KS area. We think of ourselves as problem solvers. Whereas some companies specialize in landscape maintenance (and that is important also), we like projects where we can tackle specific problems or opportunities in your landscape and provide effective, long-term solutions that fit your needs. Whether you’re thinking of adding a few stepping stones through that worn gate to your backyard or wanting to renovate your entire front landscape for a fresh look, we’re here to help. Give us a call. You’ll be glad you got the project Done Right!


Some of our projects and other glimpses of creation.

Tree Install

Circle Patio

Tree Removal

Repairing sunken area in yard - rolled sod back into place afterward.

Installing Limestone Edge

Limestone Edge

Low Garden Wall

Raised Planter Bed


After - Stepping Path


After - Limestone Rock Bed


After - Fresh Plants and Mulch


After - Replaced weed barrier fabric and limestone rock

Before (winter)

After - Landscape Install
(late spring)


After - Grading, Garden Wall, and Brick Stepping Pads.

Before - deteriorating edge

After - stabilized edge with limestone blocks and reinstalled sunken flagstone.

Rainbow - Riley Co. (Note: We are not currently insured for rainbow installation)

Winter Frost on Cottonwood


After - Limestone Terraced Rock Beds

After - another view

After - another view


After - Rock and Steel Edge

Pruning for Roof Clearance


Staking to secure tree root ball while allowing stem to flex with wind for better trunk development


After - Tumbled Limestone Garden Walls and Steps

After - another view of garden wall.

Sunrise - Lincoln Co.

Sunset - Lincoln Co.

Wheat Harvest - Lincoln Co.

Mulberry Tree in Winter Fog

Nest in spruce tree

Vinca minor Groundcover

Vine growing through center of hollow cedar tree

Morel Mushrooms - Clay Co.

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